Smoky Quartz


Release that which no longer serves with this activator Smoky Quartz crystal. Call in positive vibrations to replace fear, depression, and a negative self image. Smoky Quartz dispels anxious thoughts and aids in concentration while enhancing pragmatism.



Ground yourself in the now and release the past with the healing powers of Smoky Quartz. This crystal brings peace to the most turbulent times. It strengthens resolve while allowing calm decision-making during stressful situations. Smoky Quartz neutralizes negativity in all forms. It dissolves fear and makes space for positive energy to enter. Smoky Quartz also heals nightmares for a restful sleep. These Smoky Quartz crystals are Activators, meaning they are meant to heal karma from past lives in order to manifest your dreams in the now. Smoky Quartz rules the root chakra.

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