Lava Rock Buddha Earrings


These lava rock buddha earrings bring you home to the essence of earth. Go deep into the fiery pits of inner passion. Lava rock is a motivational stone that also grounds and balances your root chakra.

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Lava Rock motivates and promotes growth. Get grounded into Mother Earth and watch as anxiety transforms into productivity! Lava Rock activates the root chakra. This energy centers the mind and stimulates self empowerment. Fears dissolve as a result. Lava Rock provides gentle, yet powerful reassurance from the earth’s center. Above all, this stone urges self development. Lava Rock releases fire energy to reinvigorate lost passions. On top, Green Aventurine sits as a symbol of luck. It activates the heart chakra, and releases loving energy. Positive vibrations are returned by the Universe. Most importantly, stuck energy gently dissolves because of the cleansing effect of Green Aventurine. Earrings are made with nickel-free metal.


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