Lapis Lazuli


Lapis Lazuli is a stone of truth. It’s gentle yet powerful vibration promotes growth and creativity. Activate your third eye chakra with Lapis. It is a strong crystal for contacting spirits and aids on personal spiritual journeys. The deep blue hues promote peace and life purpose.



Lapis Lazuli radiates empowering vibrations. Feel its creative pulse call you into action and recover harmony in your life. Lapis works especially well for repressed anger. Its transformative energy releases toxic communication and brings loving kindness to the throat chakra. This stone helps the heart deal with harsh realities. It assists in expressing the truth, and allows acceptance. It is a stone of psychic ability. Use Lapis Lazuli to stimulate the third eye during meditations, or when digging deep into the trenches of your soul. It is a wonderful stone of personal and spiritual growth.

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