Green Aventurine


Bring harmony and balance into your life with Green Aventurine. Activate the heart chakra with its tranquil hues while serenity washes over your being. Place around indoor plants for an extra boost of high vibrational energy.

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Receive nature’s powerful vibrations with Green Aventurine. Aventurine pulls in positivity and releases negative thought patterns. Its potent energy connects to the devic kingdom. Place these crystals close to plants to produce a high frequency shield that rejects stress. In relationships, Aventurine sees things from the other’s perspective and heals miscommunication. Green Aventurine stimulates the heart chakra. It balances harmony and provides emotional peace. Use aventurine to calm anger. Its calming green hue centers the heart. Breathe in as a feeling of well being floods over you. This crystal works especially well as a protective agent against psychic vampirism.

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