Clear Quartz


Raise your vibration with this captivating Clear Quartz crystal. Perfect for any space, this stone cleanses and reinvites a new, invigorating energy. It is a natural healer. Just gazing at the mini rainbows held inside boosts your mood instantly. Clear Quartz stores positive energy so it’s always available when needed!

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Clear Quartz is a staple piece in the crystal collection. It’s an excellent energy activator which provides abundance and removes that which no longer serves. Clear quartz points should be faced away from the negative vibratory source. As a natural energy scrubber, Clear Quartz aids in concentration and preserves positive mental activity. The time link shape of this particular piece is meant to clear karma carried here from a past life. Its vibration clears out old karmic debts and connects this life to a calmer present and brighter future. This time link Clear Quartz keeps you close to the spirit world to learn lessons, promote growth, and move forward in clarity.

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