Citrine is the must-have abundance stone. It boosts every facet of the material world and brings happiness into the home. Little sunbursts beam from within this precious gem. Point it towards the area that needs the most motivation in an office or family room.



Citrine is a powerful stone for manifesting abundance on all levels. Charged with the energy of the sun, this crystal pulses with positive vibrations meant to attract health, wealth, and happiness. It elevates stamina and activates the solar plexus chakra responsible for self empowerment. Use the active energy as motivational support to accomplish your dreams! Citrine uses the sun’s magnetism to pull prosperity to you. It helps maintain the harvests reaped by removing self destructive behavior. As a result, Citrine encourages keeping an open mind and improves concentration. Keep this crystal in an office space to enhance productivity or place in a family area to elevate loving energy.

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