Speak your truth with a little crystal courage. Aquamarine calms anxieties and opens the throat chakra for clear communication. It reduces stress which enables self expression from a higher state of consciousness. This energy helps obtain closure.

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Aquamarine calms intensive energies of all kinds. Relax anxious thinking patterns with energy dispersed by its serene blue color imbued from the sky and sea. Aquamarine releases an energy shield to protect the aura, therefore it is a perfect crystal for those who feel burdened by responsibility. It helps gain clarity and higher perspectives, allowing life to flow like a river running into the ocean. For spirituality, Aquamarine sharpens intuition and promotes clairvoyant powers. It encourages being of service to those in need because it connects the human spirit with others. The sensitivity and empathetic vibration released from this stone quells judgmental behavior, in addition to overpowering self-defeating patterns.

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