With Clarity Comes Great Manifestation!

With Clarity Comes Great Manifestation!

So much for one of each card! I asked Spirit to send me a message for the collective and four cards flew out from each deck. They even fell in the exact same pattern; so be it! We have two swords and two wand cards. A situation is about to become clearer, and with clarity comes great manifestation!

The Prisma Visions Tarot Moonology Oracle Deck

Two of Swords & Void-of-Course Moon

The first set is the Two of Swords with the Void-Of-Course Moon. More swords energy! Cutting through illusion and the bitter truth are relentless these past two weeks. Here, a choice must be made. Notice how the figure is blind folded wielding two swords? The swords represent the options you have in front of you. The blindfold must come off if you’re to see the situation for what it really is. In this case, you are being asked to let go of control. The unknown in this reading points to an unexplored way of being. Worry and fear are sometimes just a response to the unknown. There is a lot of teamwork action happening in this reading, and I see it hasn’t been sailing smoothly. The message is to let go of the anxiety that everything must be a certain way, really listen to others’ opinion. The Void-Of-Course Moon urges you to try another suggestion. It may work better than you think. Nothing is going to come of believing you can’t work with this person or people.

The Prisma Visions Tarot Moonology Oracle Deck

Waxing Crescent Moon & Five of Wands

The Five of Wands represent the dedicated work you’ve been put into this idea or job.The struggle isn’t over, but you’re well on your way to achieving what you set out to gain. There are five figures here helping wield the wands, symbolizing teamwork. Whatever your personal circumstance is entrepreneurial or leadership in a place of employment, this vision is shared and you are being called to release control and be flexible in your pursuits. Personalities have been clashing; nonetheless, you are getting closer to your goal. Don’t let a stubborn streak slow you down now. The Waxing Crescent Moon card further accentuates this message by urging you to keep going! Even if you, or the person or people included in this situation can’t see the forest through the trees, that doesn’t mean the view will never rise. Your goals are manifesting. Persevere and be patient. Remember, nothing worth having is easy.

The Prisma Visions Tarot Moonology Oracle Deck

Queen of Swords & New Moon in Pisces

The feminine energy of Queen of Swords is next, paired with the New Moon in Pisces. This is a serendipitous pair since the Queen of Swords, as fierce and powerful as she is, can have less than redeeming qualities when she feels she’s been wronged. This card is asking you to tame the anxiety and worry, heal any resentment or whatever negative feeling that has boiled over due to this situation. Learn the lesson that resulted from it instead. Then you’ll be able to work with the cool, mental clarity needed to achieve this dream collectively. The New Moon in Pisces urges you to release fear about this situation.There are good tidings underway and it will only be slowed down by allowing the mind to create false realities to feed the ego. The time is now to make the shared vision come to life; and for some, this their final chance to make the right choices.

The Prisma Visions Tarot Moonology Oracle Deck

New Moon in Aries & Three of Wands

The next set is the Three of Wands and the New Moon in Aries (how fitting that both are fire signs!) Fire creates, but it can also destroy. The figure in the Three of Wands is carefully tending to her fire. This card suggests that you do the same with your situation. Whatever happened with this other person, or people, who share in your goal are part of its growth process. Working with others isn’t always easy, but it’s a requirement to build great outcomes. The Three of Wands energy shows the foundation of your plan is already built and just needs tending to keep the fire blazing. Use this conflict to gain clarity and grow your communication and team building skills. Big opportunities are on the way! The New Moon in Aries reiterates the Three of Wands: the flame has caught, stoke that flame! There is still much work to be done and there’s enough fire energy to keep it moving to completion.

The New Moon in Aries also cautions against the Queen of Swords energy and suggests to treat people well. Even when we are in conflict with others, everyone shares the same basic needs of wanting to be heard and appreciated. Not everyone can get along at all times. A simple apology and clarity on the situation will lead you straight into achieving the vision you have begun so carefully crafting!

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Moth To A Flame

Moth To A Flame

What is it with lights and shiny things? The sparkle draws you in, tempting you with sparks of the unknown. Something boils deep inside me, a curiosity, a burning desire that I can’t seem to get in check. We tango in the red flickering flame. We caminar in soft hues turned fluorescent blues; lead and follow in the ivory glow, the light I loved the most. It was soft, and its sparkle held a gleaming stare that ran right through my soul. I hadn’t tangoed in that light before. The ivory light that was warm and cold in unison, each step bringing a new temperature until the music stopped. 

You think the silence could crush you. The dull afterglow is a sad reminder that once there was music. How can it be now there’s nothing to step to? My thoughts are a rumbling thunder over my heart and lighting strikes it with fury. What is there to hear in a silent room?  I smile standing there alone, the sun stealing flames through my window.

Ivory sparkles still linger on my skin. I miss the way it moved in the moonlight, glistening in the soft, still evening of the night. Standing in solitude, the sun sets on my face. Slowly, it begins to envelop me. The warmth grows within my body and projects back into the room. The ivory lingers in the shadows, backed into corner like a secret I no longer wish to know. 

It flickers. Beckoning to me, testing my will. I know that the desire can burn so bright it blinds you. So I keep my distance and watch the ivory sparkle and fade. 

We often become infatuated with stories we build of a person and the ideas of how things should be. We create illusions of a time that hasn’t been or may never be. Although it feels real, it isn’t. Some stories work out and other times it doesn’t. When it doesn’t we tend to become upset with the other person for not fitting into the stories we created. These moments are important for self growth. In this pain, we find out what we want, we realize what we don’t want, and what we need— actually need. There is a very distinct difference between feeding our fears and feeding our souls. 

We must peel back the layers of our hearts. We must toss aside the thick, defensive armor we built to protect ourselves from the brutality of others. This has to be released in order to give yourself all the things you desire from others, all the love and compassion you thought you needed from another person. For some, it won’t be simple. It will take practice and dedication and deep exploration. It will mean confronting childhood traumas, crying it out, release, and healing. It will be a process. But soon enough, you will be drawn to yourself. Like a moth to a flame, you’ll be free to follow the light except the flame will be your own, harmless and like a warm hearth at home in your heart.

In order to find the ones who treat us like we deserve we must change our personalities to reflect the qualities we want to attract from others. We must release negative self talk, self doubt, and lack of self respect. We must go inward, do the work, and project what we want into the world. Then, and only then, do we get what we’ve been looking for in our everyday life. 

To begin the process, identify the cause of heartbreak and pain. Who or what was the flame where you got burned? Focus only on yourself; leave the other person or circumstance out of the equation.What have you learned about your needs? 

Recommended crystals:


Black Kyanite


Only Child Syndrome

Only Child Syndrome

“Are you an only child?” Every time I’m asked this question there’s always a feeling of dread that I’ve exposed some negative trait about myself. In my early years, I probably did do something that was selfish or bratty. I was oblivious to how I was perceived, but thinking only of my comfort and convenience was all I ever knew. Through no fault of my own, I am an only child.

As I got older I learned how to interact in close relationships through my friends who looked passed the “only child syndrome” straight into the heart of who I was. These friends became the siblings I never had, my truest, most loyal confidants. We fought, we cried, we got over it, and moved on. I grew as a person because of these friendships. 

It bothers me when people perceive only child-dom as a bad thing. Sure, we’re not used to sharing, and most of us are accustomed to getting what we want. But does our initial brattiness make us bad people? Absolutely not. In fact, there are some very positive traits of only children that are harder to find in people with siblings. 

1. We are fiercely independent.

Why? Because we have to be. Outside of our parents spoiling us, we’ve had to figure out how to navigate through life with our own brains. We didn’t have older siblings to watch and mimic, we didn’t have any sibling to help us do anything. It’s just me, myself, and I. This made us into adults who can figure things out alone. It made us incredibly resourceful, which leads us to:

2. We tend to be more creative.

Being an only child may have been lonely growing up, but it made us much more creative in the long run. We learned to entertain ourselves with our imagination. We learned how to problem solve alone. And our likes and dislikes? There was no copying a brother or sister because that person didn’t exist. So the things we like and do are really all about our secure sense of self. 

3. We are loyal friends. 

What happens when an only child finds a person to develop a strong bond with? That friend has the ability to grow into a pseudo- sister or brother. Since we don’t have siblings, our friends become our family. We cherish these relationships, especially because they don’t exist at home. 

4. Only children are more successful

Studies have repeatedly shown that only children spend more time around adults, developing faster cognitively and emotionally, since their sense of self is clearly defined and not in competition with siblings. Only children don’t have to “fit” into any family dynamic, and are therefore able to develop themselves more fully. We set the bar of achievement, no one else. What can be more empowering than that? 

I can tell you, there are some people I know who grew up with siblings who are far worse for wear than I ever was. They become frantic when something goes wrong, they vie for attention to the point of desperation, and can’t seem to stand on their own two feet to save their life. From an only child’s point of view, that behavior is weird. 

So the next time you come across an only child, don’t assume the worst. We learn how to share, we learn how to admit wrongdoings, we grow, and we cherish your friendship. 

Recommended crystals:

Rose Quartz

Pink Opal

Girasol Quartz



How I Conquered Anxiety

How I Conquered Anxiety

A simple google search for the definition anxiety explains it as “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.” Those of us who experience it to catastrophic levels understand that it goes beyond just feelings of worry or unease. Anxiety roots itself in our minds and stomachs, it elicits fear that shapes our entire way of thinking, chokes our entire being, and can manifest into major panic disorders that cripple us from any semblance of a normal life. 

This is drastically different from the day to day normative levels of anxiety. Just to be clear, anyone can have anxiety for any reason. Like if you really want to go to some party and your ride is running late and you start feeling anxious because you just want to get there. Or if you know a big test is coming up and you want to do well. Or if you’re getting married soon. Anxious feelings are normal. It’s only when it starts to affect your life, the decisions you make, and the way you care for yourself (or don’t) that anxiety become dangerous. 

I did not realize that I was living with high-functioning anxiety until after I had a complete meltdown. On the outside, I was a power house of achievement. I pushed through a master’s program, teacher credentialing program, I owned my own house, managed my own business, and kept my grades high despite stretching myself so thin any snag could snap me in half. And eventually, that’s exactly what happened.  

During these phases, I would smoke weed to achieve the level of concentration I needed to get things done. Without it, I was completely and utterly stunted. At the time I saw nothing wrong with it. If it helped me concentrate, then that’s what needed to happen. I didn’t realize I was using it as a crutch. I was becoming dependent. And that, my friends, was not who I wanted to be. 

When I began therapy I was given tools to be the master of my own mind and body again. Where I was once unable to identify anxious feelings, now I was able to physically feel the difference between calm and anxious. That tight feeling in my chest wasn’t supposed to be there. The fogginess of my brain wasn’t normal. Inability to eat and nausea weren’t supposed to be part of my daily routine.

One integral piece of reclaiming my mind and body is practicing meditation. So many people are reluctant to meditation because they think you need to be zen before you even start. Your thoughts will always to be there. Practicing meditation is just that— practice. Start with a few minutes every day, and increase from there. My routine is every morning and every night. But when I felt like I was going crazy, I meditated whenever I felt panicky, which was pretty much multiple times throughout the day. Take as much time as you need to take care of you. These simple moments to call your own, to get back into your own space, your own mind, makes all the difference in your day and your overall well being. 

If you’re very new to meditation, I suggest downloading the Headspace app.Headspace explains meditation in an easy to understand way and guides you through the experience piece by piece.

If you’re intermediate level, using the free meditations on YouTube are great too. There are guided or unguided. All free. You don’t have to pay to learn how to get back in touch with yourself.

Another method that worked for me is called name it to tame it. Each time I would feel anxious I would name, out loud, all the different emotions I was feeling. It works. Now it’s so ingrained in my head I name it to tame it each time I’m upset, whether I’m angry, anxious, sad—doesn’t matter. If I’m worked up, just naming my feelings sends me a warm blanket of relief so my nerves don’t get out of control.

The most helpful technique was learning how to tap. Tapping targets the pressure points in your body to slow the fight or flight response we get when our minds are triggered. In just ten minutes you can feel relief— seriously. All it takes is you wanting to feel better and following through on making it happen. In the audio I listen to the woman says, “you’re teaching your body to feel calm.” At first, I was skeptical. When you’re in the throws of anxiety, waking up with teeth chattering, or nauseous, heart beating so fast it feels like it’ll rip right through your chest, it’s hard to imagine anxiety can be controlled. After a few months, I noticed that certain things that used to trigger me simply didn’t anymore. And now, a year later, I can proudly say I am in control of my mind and body.

That’s not to say the struggle is over. Each time anxiety tries to take over, I do the work to regain control. It gets easier. All you have to do is do the work. 

Recommended crystals:






Finding Motivation Where There Is None

Finding Motivation Where There Is None

There are two types of people in this word: people who talk and people who have so much motivation they “do.” Unfortunately, talking doesn’t get you too far. All it does is create a big hype around a plume of hot air which usually dissipates faster than water boils. You know that sharp, stinging sensation hitting your face on a cold winter’s day? That’s the pain of hopes and dreams never realized. It’s a shame, really. So much misguided potential.

What causes those who seemingly have such drive to never bother starting the car? A few things can be at play here. One is that they don’t know where to begin, and that, in itself, causes them to scrap the whole idea. Another is that they are already so busy it seems almost impossible to take on more. And then there’s the possibility that the dedication and real want just isn’t there, which happens often enough. To each their own.

Anything worth having takes hard work, even being a housewife. Do you think one person makes all the money and the one who stays home still calls the shots? Sorry to tell ya, but it doesn’t work that way. Stuff those feelings deep down and smile for the camera. It’s harder than it looks, just ask the millions of therapists in this great nation of ours. 

Finding motivation starts by keeping your eye on the prize. What is it you want? And how badly do you want it? Once you’ve decided that you truly, madly want this for yourself— whether it’s mental, physical, educational, emotional— then set your eye on it, day in and day out. 

Imagine you already have it. It might sound stupid, but give it a try. This takes practice, dedication, integration into your daily routine. Picture what you want in your mind’s eye. Smile like it’s already yours.

The more you train your brain to focus on what you’re trying to achieve, the more your brain tells you to go and get it.

Create a goals list. What do you want to achieve? Give it a realistic due date. What are the steps you’re going to take to get there? Who do you have to call; do you need funding? Write all of this down in a journal. And if you don’t have a journal, start one. Write in it daily, cataloging the steps you’ve taken towards your goal. If you didn’t take any steps, write why. What excuses are you giving yourself? What are you doing with your time? These are important questions to ask yourself. Once we can get to the bottom of procrastination, we can begin to turn it towards motivation and productivity. 

Start meditating. Even if it’s for five minutes, do it. Make a routine for motivation meditations. I personally love morning meditations because I’m a walking nightmare before 9am and the positive reinforcement helps set the foundation for the rest of the day. Same thing at night. There are so many different avenues to go down. YouTube has some great free ones, and there are myriad apps you can try out. You don’t have to know how to do anything. 

 The Headspace app is awesome for newbies who are just starting out. It teaches you how to come back from wandering thoughts, to soak in noise, and all the other ins and outs of beginner meditation. 

The key word here is routine. None of this works if it’s done once, twice, maybe three times and never again. When it’s integrated into your life it works wonders. Whatever mental block that is obstructing motivation will come crumbling down and you will be free to pursue that which sets your soul on fire. It all begins with the tiniest amount of effort. Don’t let yourself down. 

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