About thefouram

About thefouram

Thefouram is devoted to developing a successful mindset for life. Blogs explore the roads to inner peace while simultaneously building ourselves and our personal goals.   

I’ve always been drawn to the night. First in fear, now in comfort. Sitting in the stillness of silence has led me down many paths, both dark and light, to an infinite space beyond our 3D world.

Here I tuned into my intuition, channeled my forgotten gifts, and blended with my higher self. Through spirituality, I continue to grow the life I was meant to live. The life of my dreams

There’s no secret. It’s true that everything you need is already in you. And in the darkness, the only person you face is yourself. We channel divine guidance to gently lead the way. 

Our shop carries a collection of handmade crystal  jewelry pieces, moon apparel, healing crystals to raise your vibration, and other spiritual gifts.

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Love, light, and success


Only the Best

Our crystal collection comes from ethically sourced mines. They carry a loving, positive vibration for the earth and its inhabitants.

Designed In-House

Our jewelry pieces are designed and hand made in-house. We also offer a curated selection of moon merchandise.

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