About thefouram

About thefouram

I’m Natalia, an entrepreneur, teacher, and spiritual guide. I started the 4am after years & years of endless nights working until the sun came up. Whether it was building a business or adding to my list of degrees, I was chasing something that could not be caught. What I really wanted remained elusive no matter how much I attained. This often left me deep in thought.​

The four am blog catalogs the lessons I have learned during the struggles of entrepreneurship, the highs and lows of financial and emotional success, and at long last….spiritual growth.

I hope the messages here resonate with you.

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Love and light,

Natalia Barcy

Only the Best

All our collections are made with ethically sourced jewels and materials. Many are found locally and carry the vibrations of the pacific coast.

Designed In-House

All of our collection pieces are designed and hand made in-house. We also offer a curated selection of moon merchandise such as hoodies and scarves.

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