This message speaks to those who have recently gone through, or are going through, a time of self reflection. You may feel like you’ve lost your true self in the previous months, even years. This loss of self may have been triggered by outside influences, such as work, relationships, family, or a new group of friends. Whatever the seeming cause, there is something inside of you that needs to be reckoned with.

The dark mirror isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it is better than the clear mirror which only reflects back the shallow surface. If you smile, your reflection smiles. It’s easy to mask what is really going on internally. The dark mirror, however, forces you to address the issues you wish to conceal, for only when you face challenges can you overcome them. Don’t be afraid. Everyone has issues they keep inside. It takes more strength to address the pain residing in our true self then to repress it. Once you do, the healing can begin and you can learn to trust yourself again, or maybe for the very first time. Only then will your true self be revealed to you and to the world. This is how we begin leading an authentic life.

Ways to self examine: Do you like the friends you surround yourself with? Are you doing healthy activities together? Do you like your job? What steps are you taking to reach your goals? Do you conceal how you really feel in your relationships? Do you talk negatively about yourself? Do your actions align with your words? Do your actions align with your future goals? Do memories from your childhood still make you cry? Are there some memories you physically can’t discuss? Do you treat your body with respect? Do you treat others with respect?

These questions will get you thinking about the areas in your life that could use healing energy.

Currently, spirit is urging you to not accept things at face value. I am receiving that for some this is a very personal experience of avoiding your true self because it’s going to be very painful to address the issues that have been repressed. If you find yourself blaming others for the mishaps of your life, this part is for you. Blaming is an easy fix which takes the focus off of ourselves. This is in the shallows, and you are being called to dive deep. It is ok to not take any action at this time. Gather information about yourself and take a serious inventory on your life and how you ended up in this mental or emotional place without placing blame on friends or lovers, even family. There comes a point in our lives when we must forgive and release even the most heinous acts of our caretakers.

For others I am getting a different message. There is something going on in your life in which another party may be attempting to take advantage of your trusting nature. “The Unseen” cautions you to ask questions, dive deeper. You are being guided to ask someone with more experience about the situation, as well as use your gut feeling. If it’s too good to be true, it is. Period. It may seem like a quick fix, something that will “bring” happiness. But you are being called to remember that nothing is easy, and trying to talk yourself into believing it is will not make it so, no matter how badly you want it. Do the necessary work to uncover all that is hidden, even if it makes the other person angry or uncomfortable. Anger and discomfort in others only shows you that there is something hidden. I am getting that now is the time to set firm boundaries. Do not allow future suffering in your life just to make another happy in the immediate.

Conchomancy is calling you to move forward on your own spiritual practice. Water connects us with our emotional energy and you are being called to do exactly that. Go to the beach and search for seashells, but make sure it is clear of anything living! Take in the healing energy of the wind and water. Pick up litter to show gratitude to the earth for providing life. I am receiving that some of you are drawn to seashell patterns in the home already. Now is the time to research their meaning and use their power for your own personal healing. This will propel you forward! It will help you discover your authentic self, and assist in making better life decisions which will bring you great happiness.

For others, seashells are not your thing. That is fine! You may have been curious about crystal healing. This is the time to move forward on learning and collecting crystals to add to your self-evolution journey! You do not have to have all the answers to get started. I am guided to suggest an abalone shell to this group, and for those who have pearls, wear them! These small moves towards self care will provide great clarity in your self evaluation and emotional healing!

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