All readings are timeless. The Divine sends us messages when we are ready to hear them.

This is a message of self love in order to connect with universal love. This reading is for those who are having trouble seeing the true beauty in themselves due to cultural expectations, societal norms, or simply from past trauma. The energy imbalance here is what is causing separation because you and the love that you are seeking.

The first card is Coral’s Wisdom. Just like coral constructs slowly beneath the waves, so does building our true selves from deep within. We develop slowly and naturally, going through many life transformations as time passes in order to grow into our true being. Many times this process seems stuck. Here I’m seeing someone who is trying to conform into a situation that isn’t part of their true self. It is natural to want to fit in; it’s actually human nature to want acceptance. Sometimes, however, the people or places you’re wanting acceptance from aren’t right for who you really are. These experiences are here for a reason. It is to teach you about your true self, and push into the transformative energy that will help you grow into the person you were put here to be. With this growth you will find a self love that is so purely unconditional that the right people naturally come to you. Don’t fear change and rebirth of the self. With each awakening, you get closer and closer to finding what truly feeds your soul. This card is a number 4, signifying the solid foundation on which to build. Number 4 takes an idea and brings it to life. You’ve done well constructing yourself thus far— keep going in ways that are true to who you are!

In the present position is Beauty. This card represents the beauty within and without. It speaks of what you put out into the world, your natural gifts of expression, and embracing the intricacies that make you who you are. It is time to cultivate your passions. It is time to nurture your individual beauty. If you spend too much time in the morning straightening curly hair, it’s time to allow your curls to breathe. Give yourself more time to care for your soul, rather than the ideals of a society that doesn’t appreciate diverse beauty. Spend more time doing things you love instead of what others expect from you. The more effort we put into nurturing our true selves, the more beautiful we become. Our light begins to shine outward and we inspire those around us to do the same. The Beauty card is calling for you to focus on yourself right now. Focus on self care, forming rituals of beauty that feel right to you, and cultivate the natural talents that make you, you! Forget about the standards others put on you. Forget about societal standards. You were put here to inspire others with your natural gifts. Take this time to find the beauty within. This card is in the position of 1. 1 represents beginnings, further exemplifying the need to start going within to find your true passions and nurture those gifts!

The Yearning card is in the future position, but I sense this is a feeling currently happening. This longing may be for someone you have already met, or have yet to meet. Some may be yearning for a love they haven’t found but are anxious to find. Others are feeling the sting of separation from someone they’ve already met. There is an energy here that this separation is meant for the two of you to grow. You need this time apart in order to develop into your true selves. Although nobody likes pain, it pushes us to understand our greater purpose and to give us the space to grow in order to continue building the person we were meant to be. Although the feeling sucks, would you rather feel an even deeper pain of being with someone who wasn’t ready for you, or vice versa, hurting someone you love because you weren’t ready for them? This card is acknowledging that there is a soul connection, but it’s just not the right time for you. However, if you make healthy choices, focus on developing yourself, nurture your true being and grow into the beautiful individual you were meant to be and shine that light outward, guess what? This separation will cease to exist. Those who are meant for us will not pass us by. Trust in divine timing. This card is placed in the 4 position representing ideas taking shape. There is a reason for this longing and separation.

All together, the cards add up to a number 9! Nines represent the end of a cycle. You are releasing some old ways of viewing yourself and your position in the world and are being called to embrace who you truly are. Rejoice in this energy! The love you seek is seeking you.

Healing crystal recommendation:

Rose quartz: attracts love of all kinds, especially self love

Abalone shell: heals emotional turmoil and brings peace of mind; develops confidence