The Urban Dictionary defines a hater as a person who simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. Rather than be congratulatory, or even indifferent, a hater makes a point of exposing any flaw he or she can grasp for. The most obvious are trolling the comment sections of social feeds. Since they have nothing original to say, why not bash someone else’s content with their ignorant ideals? Let me tell you, it’s no sweat to us, sweetie. Your misplaced anger bears on noone but you. 

Some people hate so hard they try to sabotage another person’s life. This is done in either pure jealousy or revenge. I get that the feeling of revenge can be strong in young Obi Wons, but keep in mind when people do you dirty, karma will come for them. You don’t have to spend any of your energy trying to make someone else’s life difficult. That energy is better spent on yourself. As for sabotage … damn. Get a hobby, bruh.  

A hater has no age. These people are at work, at school, at home, coast to coast, and around the world. They are those who are dissatisfied with themselves or their lives. They live day in, day out pointing out the flaws in others instead of focusing on their own self improvement. Besides, flaws aren’t stopping successful people one bit. But this hater-itis channels energy to a very negative place and can prevent you from growing. The more you focus on others, the less you’re doing for yourself. 

The hater is not just a person, it’s a mindset. Some go through a hater phase where they’re just down and suffer from a momentary lapse in judgment. Others spend years perfecting their hate, drinking the haterade on the daily, wishing bad things towards anyone who has something they don’t. This is not a good place for the soul. If you’re not happy with your current lifestyle, you have the power to change it. 

Resenting a person for having more, whether they worked for it or not, isn’t going to get you anywhere you wanna be. At step in successful adulting is learning something from that person you supposedly hate. What is it you really hate about him/her? 

Can’t stand that he’s always in the best fits? 

Sounds like you’re just upset he has nicer clothes than you. I have secret locations to buy designer clothes at a discount. Ask in the comments and I’ll tell. 

Don’t understand why everyone likes this one person you can’t stand? 

Sounds like you want attention and aren’t getting it. It’s more important to focus on why someone else’s popularity bothers you so much, and take some time to self reflect on your personal situation. 

Angry because you have to work for everything while people get hand outs?

Sounds like you wish your life was different. It’s more productive to focus on reaching your goals and not worry about who’s doing what. 

That ennui won’t go away dumping haterade on everyone’s head. What’ll happen instead is that people will start avoiding you because you’re constantly talking shit and complaining. Then you’ll be left with no one. 

This is especially true if you start talking about your friends. Being a hater towards a friend or lover likens the relationship between hunter and prey. Good friends/ partners support one another and build each other up. Nobody deserves to be torn down. We’re all flawed and constantly learning. 

There are multiple forms of hate and they show up in different types of relationships. If you’re suffering from a hater ass friend, lover, sister, brother, whoever, you may be involved in a toxic relationship and not even know it. It’s best to just walk on by. Leave these people alone to figure out their own hot mess while you shine like the diamond you are.  

There are some of you reading this now that are still talking that shit. If you’re offended, you’re probably a hater. But you know what? That link was clicked and when it comes down to it, that’s all I needed you to do.

What’s your hater story? Post it in the comments section below! ????


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